Venture into Space

Year Group: 5/6

Subject: Science 

Are you curious about what you see in the night sky? Why does the Moon look different every time you see it and why do the stars appear to move?  Do you fancy holding a real meteorite and having the opportunity to look through a professional telescope?  This exciting course introduces pupils to the fundamentals of astronomy and ventures into deep space.

The Earth is bombarded daily by pieces of space debris – most burn up in our atmosphere and appear as “shooting stars”, but a few are large enough to land. We will be bringing a huge piece of the Campo del Cielo meteorite that crashed into the Earth over 4500 years ago!  Students will have the chance to examine the meteorite and use a special observatory-grade telescope to view the Sun as it will be daylight.  There will also be tips on how to observe the night sky for when you are back at home.

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