Time Detectives: An Authentic Introduction to Archaeology

Year Group: 5/6

Subject – History/Science

Time Detectives: An Authentic Introduction to Archaeology and Ancient human Skeletal Remains

How can we find out about the lives of our ancestors?

Archaeology is the study of ancient people, the things they made and what they left behind. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn how this fascinating science is used to uncover the mysteries of our past. You will participate in an enthralling combination of hands-on, practical activities and engaging Q&A sessions, which are sure to captivate your enquiring mind. You will gain an understanding of professional archaeological practices, from fieldwork through to the analyses of artefacts and the most direct evidence of the human past: skeletal remains of the people themselves.

Run by our expert osteoarchaeologist, this is the very first course of its kind at Braeside. Come and unlock your inner archaeologist and reveal some truly enthralling secrets of the past!

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