Scalextric Science Lab

Year Group: 5/6

Subject: Science 

Formula 1 racing meets the classroom on this action-packed and educational 2 day course.  OK…..let’s be honest for a moment……you are going to have a great time playing with Scalextric, but at the same time conducting a high-level exploration into maths, physics and ICT.  Your first challenge will be to plan a Scalextric layout, working in a small group. How do you ensure that the racing lanes are of equal length? The cars are 1/32 scale, but how fast would they be travelling if they were full size?  How do you keep the cars on the track – is it driving skill or physics?  The various groups’ track designs will be put to the vote and the winning layout built in readiness for an evening of qualifying racing on Saturday.  The latter part of the course concentrates on the new Scalextric Digital format which allows six cars to race simultaneously using state-of-the-art electronics.  We will explore how the track and cars form a computer network and communicate with each other using binary data.

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