‘Mystical Eggstravaganza’ Creative Writing

Year Group: 2/3

Subject: Literacy

Did you see that?  There is something beautiful over there, glinting in the sunshine and almost hidden by the long grass!

What is it and how did it get there?

Perhaps we should take a closer look… Wait; stand back!  A dragon’s egg, you say?

Let’s think about what this mystical object really is, not to mention what might lie within its eye-catching shell.  We will then work collaboratively to create a descriptive writing toolkit which, alongside sensory exploration, will be used for writing imaginatively jaw-dropping descriptions and poems about our amazing discovery.

Now for our dilemma:

What should we do with the egg?

Where should it be put for safekeeping?

How can it be transported?

Who will be in charge?

When will it hatch and what will our egg-dweller need?

It’s time to focus upon the key elements of persuasion and decide what to do with our precious object.  Who knows?  You could be leaving today’s session with more than you bargained for!

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