Image to Imagination

Year Group: 3/4

Subject – Literacy

It’s time to view the world with a writer’s eye, as you learn how to develop a wonderful piece of creative writing using the stimuli of vibrant and exciting pictures!  Our selection of images will be varied and thought-provoking, having been carefully chosen to inspire you whilst developing your skills in inference and prediction. Together we will explore the stories in the pictures and use immersive drama techniques to ‘participate’ in the events within them, going backwards and forwards in time to imagine the lead up to each image and decide what happens next.  Excellent use of vocabulary and explanatory skills are a must, not to mention thinking on your feet, as we freeze frame parts of the emergent story in order to ‘hot seat’ characters from within it.  We will use this performance-based steppingstone to develop vivid and thoughtful pieces of writing drawn from our discussions and experiences.  First person or third person perspective? The choice is yours!

Come and join us on our creative journey, for what is certain to be an imaginatively inspiring day.

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