Create a Story Character

Year Group: 2/3

Subject: Literacy

This is a wonderful opportunity to create your very own story character.  Let’s come together to study the famous characters of renowned children’s authors/illustrators, and pinpoint what makes them enjoyed by so many.  Unleash your imagination, as you begin to make important decisions about your own character, including its name, setting, personality traits and appearance.

The most exciting thing about this is that THERE ARE NO RULES!  Your character can be as wacky, disgusting or unusual as you’d like, providing that he or she is unique and believable.  Immerse yourself in writing a detailed character profile and creating an amazing illustration of your character.  We will also explore the use of role play, which is great fun and will ensure that the details you provide sound authentic.

Your new character will be used as the starting point for your own jaw-droppingly brilliant story – perhaps the first of many.  Who knows?  We might even see some of these characters in print one day!

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