Braeside Academy of Magic

Year Group: 3/4

Subject: Literacy/Art 

Welcome to Braeside Academy of Magic! If you have not previously enrolled at the academy, you will be introduced to the correct etiquette and traditions of Magical Studies, in addition to the standards expected here. You will then need to begin by determining your all-important wand type and join us for our obligatory Sorting Ceremony to discover which house you will be assigned to for the duration of your time here.   As we develop your magical understanding, we will work hard to create vivid spells and charms that you will document in written and artistic forms.

Practise saying incantations in your role as a young witch or wizard, and you will evoke the deepest of imaginations and make the hairs on your comrades’ necks stand up on end! As we continue our magical journey, we will design our very own magical potions (each with a clear objective in mind), through the careful selection and combining of the finest and most effective of ingredients.  Finally, we will examine the academic side of the topic that is ‘Magical Creatures,’ exploring traditional texts and folklore as tools for developing our own artistic and creative writing abilities.

This is a course that will bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses, whilst you revel in the comradeship that can be found among your fellow young witches and wizards!

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