AGT & E Courses

Able, Gifted, Talented and Enrichment Courses at Braeside Education Centre

Our Spring/Summer 2022 programme is now available, with courses running from April to July. Braeside offers a hugely successful AGT&E programme that has been running for many years. The courses are offered to Years 2 - 6 pupils. Places can be booked here using the school reference code which will be provided by your child's school. Please do contact us for further information. We endeavor to organise extra course dates in the event of oversubscription. If your selected course is oversubscribed, please do contact us to enquire about extra dates or to be put on a reserve list. Further information can be found by clicking on each course.


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Year 2

Mini Maths Challenge

Year 2/3

Create a Story Character

'Mystical Eggstravaganza' Creative Writing

Year 3/4

Matchstick Maths

Physics Day: Get Your Cognitive Cogs Turning

Maths Mapping Challenge

'Dream BIG!' Creative Writing

Spies And Secret Agents

Write a Stunning Illustrated Story

Gravity And Gunpowder

Art Meets Science; Magic Moths

Year 5/6

Around the World in 48 Hours

Stars of Mathematics

Maths All Around

Rocket Scientists

Take a Closer Look; Microscopes

Write Your Own Adventure

Lego Mindstorms Robotics Challenge

The Mystery of Braeside Manor

Super Sleuths and Daring Detectives