You’ll find a description of each of our activities below, with an idea of running times, to help you to imagine your visit to us. Our expert instructors can advise on the best combination of activities as well as make suggestions to adapt each activity to suit the individual needs of the group.

If you would like to do something that isn’t on the list, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Coming Soon…

For the new academic year 2022/2023 we will also be offering archery!

Aerial Activities

Braeside boasts a 9 meter climbing wall, a high ropes and low ropes course, abseiling and a 113 meter zip line. Ideal for adrenaline activities designed to push participants to the limits of their physical and mental abilities.

We’ve designed a range of challenges demanding different combinations of team work and independent involvement. Through participation, individuals will also learn support roles such as belaying and equipment organisation.

Main learning outcomes

  • Confidence Building
  • Team Working
  • Agility & Balance
  • Resilience
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Listening & Communication
  • Trust
  • Physical Agility & Balance
  • Leadership
  • Planning

Run time: 2 Hours

  • Centre led
  • Self led
Climbing wall
  • Crate Stack

    Can you build a tower of crates whilst balancing upon it? This activity involves planning, communication and team-work, and incredible balance! Students will also learn to belay their team mates and work the crate winch.

    Run Time: 2 Hours

    Learning Outcomes: Confidence Building, Trust, Team Working, Agility & Balance, Resilience, Critical Communication, Planning

  • Leap of Faith

    Confront all your fears at once by climbing up a 10 foot pole and then leaping from a platform! This adrenaline rush activity helps individuals to overcome their fears and apprehensions to independently complete a task. Belayed by a qualified instructor.

    Run Time: 1 hour

    Learning Outcomes: Resilience, Physical Agility, Confidence

  • Jacob's Ladder

    This challenge is based totally around teamwork. Four participants are needed to belay another four ladder climbers. The aim is for the whole team to ascend to the final sixth rung of the ladder. Participants will physically and mentally help other team mates to complete the activity to their personal best. Some of the methods used to compete for this task have been unconventional and extremely athletic! Rules to this task can be changed to reward the efforts of less able climbers.

    Run time: 2 hours

    Learning Outcomes: Team Working & Collaboration, Critical Communication, Leadership, Strength & Agility

  • High All Aboard

    A high post with a small platform! Once you complete the complex and physically demanding climb to the top of this post, you will need to balance on a small platform with up to 3 other teammates. This element has many extension activities, such as holding hands and leaning out or balancing on one leg or even getting the group to do the hokey-kokey!

    Run Time: 1 hour

    Learning Outcomes: Confidence Building, Trust, Team Working, Agility & Balance, Resilience, Critical Communication

  • Parallel Poles

    The challenge involves 3 elements. First two climbers have to complete the ‘post-mans walk’, a rope handrail and walking line passing in mid-air. Secondly they ascend up to the horizontal poles, which have to be crossed with no handrails. Finally challengers have to cross the ‘Indiana Bridge’. A wooden planked bridge with progressively widening gaps. Can you make it to the middle of the bridge, pass your partner and complete the challenge?

    Run time: 2 hours

    Learning Outcomes: Confidence Building, Trust, Team Working, Agility & Balance, Resilience, Critical Communication

  • Climbing Wall, Zip Wire, Abseil

    • A vertical climbing wall with 4 different climbs. All 4 of the climbs use automatic belay which allow climbers to climb and descend independently 4 at a time.
    • An angled climbing wall to enable climbers with a wide spectrum of abilities to access the sport of climbing. The four climbs on the angled wall are traditional rope belays managed by trained staff and the climbs provide a variety of different routes.
    • A vertical abseil wall from the platform top AND a ‘Quickjump’ device  allowing a freefall drop followed by a controlled descent.
    • A zip wire running 112 metres across the Braeside grounds can be used from the top platform.
    • A central ladder enables participants to enjoy the zip wire and/or abseil without needing to climbing on either of the climbing walls.

    Learning Outcomes: Resilience, Physical Agility, Confidence, Responsibility

    Run Time: 2 Hours

  • Low Ropes

    Low Ropes challenges are designed to encourage social interaction and reinforce the importance of co-operation, communication and leadership in a group situation. Activities require a degree of physical skill, co-ordination and balance. The outdoor ropes course must be led by a trained member of staff.

    • Balance Beam
    • Postman’s Walk
    • Scramble Net
    • Cows Tails
    • Wobble Log
    • Tyre Swing
    • Traversing Wall (indoor and outdoor)

    Learning Outcomes: Climbing Skills, Physical Agility, Hand Foot Coordination, Confidence, Trust, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

    Run Time: 1 hour

  • Indoor Bouldering Room

    Our boulder room offers an all year round wet weather alternative to outdoor climbing and has 4 different low-level traversing routes to try. Traversing is great for improving your climbing techniques without the need of harnesses and helmets, it’s also great for hand and foot coordination and agility.

    With lots of different games and equipment the bouldering room is great fun and a massive confidence boost to build up to the high activities. ​It can also be used for down time or evening activities supervised by a teacher.

    Learning Outcomes: Strength & Agility, Hand Foot Coordination, Confidence Building, Climbing Technique

    Run Time: adaptable (min 1 hour)

Team Building & Problem Solving

Designed to develop transferable skills, encourage collaboration and build confidence in young people. All challenges have been designed so they can be self led by the visiting teachers/leaders, allowing for other activities to be run in conjunction.  Below is a selection of our problem solving activities which can be combined to make a full or half day of activity.

Main learning outcomes

  • Collaboration & Team Work
  • Trust Building
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  • Confidence
  • Critical Communication
  • Physical & Mental Agility
  • Listening & Communication
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Recognition
  • Physical Agility & Balance
  • Leadership
  • Planning

Run time: 2 Hours

  • Centre led
  • Self led
  • The Spiders Web

    Get your whole team through the web without waking the spider!

    RUN TIME: 15 minutes.

    Learning Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Team Work

  • The Rocking Platform

    Can you get all team mates onto the platform without falling?

    RUN TIME: 15 minutes

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration & Team Work, Physical Agility

  • Crossing The Swamp

    Get the whole team across the swamp without casualties!

    Run Time: 15 minutes

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration and Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Leadership, Planning

  • Walk The Planks

    Cross the course without touching the ground (or falling in the shark infested water).

    Run Time: 15 minutes

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration and Teamwork, Balance, Core Strength, Communication

  • The Pyramid Of Tyres

    Based on the old game “Tower of Hanoi” participants have to move tyres across 3 poles keeping them in the correct order.

    Run Time: 15 minutes

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration and Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Planning, Leadership

  • The Lifeline

    One of our most popular problem solving activities. Follow the roped trail through woodland leading a blindfolded team. Participants are encouraged to establish a clear protocol for communication and leadership before commencing.

    Run Time: 1 hour

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration and Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Planning, Leadership, Communication

  • The Magic Cane

    With the magic cane resting on just their fingers, participants must lower the cane ensuring all of their fingers remain in contact. Its magic because the cane seems to want to go up not down!!!

    Run Time: 15 minutes

    Learning Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Teamwork

Survival Skills

Bushcraft and survival activities offer a great opportunity for team bonding and personal development. Students can make a shelter, build a fire and cook over it, explore woodcraft and play woodland games among the trees. It’s a great way to get back to basics, reconnect with nature, develop practical skills and spend some quality time together.  Sessions generally last an hour and can be combined and adapted to make a half or full day.

A survival themed day can be combined into our famous ‘Roundway Down Walk’ where participants learn various skills as part of a full day hill walking.

Main learning outcomes

  • Survival
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Collaboration and Team Working

Run time: 1h to full day

  • Centre led
  • Self led
  • Fire Lighting

    Learn how to build a sustainable fire and how to light it using natural resources around you. Following a short demo groups are broken down into smaller teams to attempt their own fire. Additional tasks can be assigned to make the experience more challenging.

    Learning Outcomes: Resilience, Teamwork, Personal Skills Development

    Run Time: 1 hour

  • Shelter Building

    Learn how to build a shelter using only resources you might find in the wild.  This is a great session to run alongside fire lighting.

    Learning Outcomes: Collaboration and Team Work, Planning

    Run Time: 1 hour

  • Outdoor Cookery

    Can be cooking your whole lunch or just some bread over the fire.  Should be incorporated with fire lighting.  This is a great half day activity to get participants focused on the simple skill of cooking in the wilderness.

    Learning Outcomes: Understanding Food Journeys, Planning, Critical Thinking

    Run Time: 3 hours


  • Woodland Crafts

    Woodcraft including simple knife and tool work to create wooden items for decoration, practical tools and willow weaving

    Learning Outcomes: Practical Skills, Craft

    Run Time: 1-2 Hours


Educational & Curricular

We have developed a range of educational and curricular based activities, in collaboration with teachers, designed to compliment and enhance the provision in schools.  Below is a list of our most popular courses, but we are able to design and develop courses specifically for you. Sessions can explore costume, foods, activity, lifestyles and events!

Main learning outcomes

  • Collaboration & Team Work
  • Trust Building
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Historic context

Run time: Half day - Full day

  • Centre led
  • Self led
  • Geography

    • GPS Orienteering – geocaching activity using GPS handsets. Children will develop an understanding of how to apply ICT in a very active, competitive and fun way.
    • Home Covert – private garden, 33.5 acres of woodland and formal gardens where we explore stream life and mini-beast habitat.
    • Devizes Town & Compass Trail – a walking tour of Devizes using a map and/or compass to locate buildings and monuments and then to answer worksheet questions.
    • Roundway Down Walk – considered a right of passage amongst Braeside alumni! Can incorporate survival, map skills, local history and geography on our instructor led walk to an historic local feature.
    • Drews Pond – guided walk to an ancient woodland nature reserve. We use the meadow and the woods for mini-beast hunting, and have the possibility of using the stream for measurements or for dipping. En route we walk through a public park (Hillworth Park) and could make use of the facilities for a break.
  • History

    • Canal Wharfside & Museum – interesting canal museum suitable for smaller groups
    • Devizes Castle – a unique opportunity to visit the grounds of Devizes Castle (general public cannot visit). A Victorian castellated mansion, built on the original Norman foundations.
    • St Mary’s Church Tower – climb the tower for views of Devizes. Find out about the cat ghost and the spooky Roundhead. Investigate the workings of the clock.
    • The Wiltshire Museum – Ancient Britain, Roman and Victorian galleries plus other displays on Natural History and archaeology.
    • Wadworth Shire Horses –  visit the horses before they start their round.  Suitable for small groups, specific times only.
    • Roundway Down – a walk to ‘Oliver’s Castle’ the site of a civil war battle in 1643 passing Iron Aged settlements and Roman buildings.
  • Science

    • Home Covert -Earth education, invertebrate sampling, woodland studies, and streams.
    • Caen Locks – Caen Hill has 16 locks and is a spectacular example of pre-Victorian engineering. Pupils can enjoy pond dipping in the pounds using nets and keys to identify fresh water invertebrates. If you are lucky you may get to see some narrow boats using the locks.
    • Rowdefield Farm Tour – working farm tours are available for any age group to learn about the farming industry.
    • Blacksmiths Forge – strike while the iron is hot and go to see the Blacksmith! Practical forge demonstration, highly relevant for science of materials.
    • Education Gardens – Braeside’s education garden offers on-site sensory activities focused on plants, invertebrates, animals and habitats.  Scientific collection equipment along with microscopes are available. Get your hands dirty, learn about compost and help us to grow veg our own in our allotment. Sowing, weeding or harvesting (season dependant) and even cook it!


Our canoeing sessions are completely adaptable to suit the skills and time considerations of the group. Taster sessions are ideal for newcomers to canoeing and can run for as little as 45 minutes alongside other waterside activities. Expedition sessions can be delivered over half and full days, designed to develop journeying skills and offer greater opportunities to practice techniques in paddlesport.

We use traditional Canadian-type open canoes which take 2-3 pupils in each. We have 2 local sites within easy walking distance which are used depending on ability/experience. All sites are sheltered sections of the local Kennet and Avon Canal (more challenging flowing water by arrangement).

Braeside follows British Canoeing coaching guidelines and all coaches are British Canoeing trained and qualified.

Main learning outcomes

  • Paddle Sports Introduction
  • Resilience, Planning
  • Collaboration & Team Work
  • Navigation
  • Spacial Awareness

Run time: 45 minutes - Full day

  • Centre led
  • Self led

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in small groups can be done onsite around our off-road trail.  We can also plan off-site sessions in local woodland, and trails or even deliver session at your own school.  Sessions can be tailored to suit any ability.

We have a fleet of fully services modern bikes which can be adapted to all groups.

Learning focus can be anywhere from skills sessions on hard standing to off site trail riding.

Main learning outcomes

  • Resilience
  • Planning
  • Collaboration & Team Work
  • Balance
  • Spacial Awareness

Run time: 45 minutes - full day

  • Centre led
  • Self led

Evening Activities

There is plenty to do in the evening here’s just a short list of our popular activities.

  • Camp Fire & Songs
  • Slack-line
  • Bouldering Room
  • DT Challenge
  • Night Line
  • Wildlife Trail Cams
  • Games Room
  • Night Orienteering
  • Waterslide
  • Pipe & Ball Challenge
  • Talent Show
  • Cinema
Low ropes; activities; corporate team building